New Rocket League Heroes are born!

VERITAS College Cup #1

18. November 2017, Station Berlin

New Stars

8 college teams from Germany who went through an online qualifier competed against each other in the biggest Rocket League event Germany has seen so far. We had students from Munich, Trier, Wuppertal and of course Berlin who stepped on the big stage that night to fulfill their esports dream.

A Night to Remember

Our first esports festival attracted around 500 visitors. Some travelled all the way through Germany to attend this unique event in the heart of Berlin. Apart from our huge main event people were able to experience Rocket League on multiple gaming stations, see the live creation of a Rocket League graffiti and one lucky guy even won a trip to Sweden.

Huge Prize Pool

The VERITAS College Cup featured a combined prize pool of more than 4000€. Our tournament offered the biggest prize pool for a Rocket League event in Germany so far. First prize went to chilled 2s, 2nd to Tenacity and 3rd to Supersonic Avengers.

#ggwp to our proud winners: chilled 2s

Chilled 2s, moments after their huge triumph at the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP. Gnagflow (l) and SiiZLoo (r) won 2000€.

So much amazing feedback

"I never thought about playing Rocket League to earn money, but the experience of this weekend was the best motivation to become an even better player and participate in more events."
Rocket League Player and YouTuber
"The atmoshere was super. Something has started here, that might become huge."
Stefanie Enge
Reporter for Turn-On
"It was a tournament for amateurs done professionally and that shows a lot about a young company."
Angelos Anastasopoulos
Business Journalist for The Esports Observer

#VCC Social Media

Thanks to our fantastic casters and experts

Intense matches and great casting by German esports legend Mori (l.) and Wolverous (r.).

Funny and smart: FisHC0p and Baithoven, two of our casters at the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP.

The host of the show with two of the best Rocket League players of all time: Dorian Gorr (VERITAS Entertainment, l.) with the two RLCS pros Freakii and Paschy90 from Mockit eSports

Discussing the future of esports

Where is esports headed? And what kind of future have traditional sports games, such as FIFA, NBA or Madden, in the esports market? None of the current top tier esports games is a traditional sports game. For a long time it seemed that the publishers of sports games ignore the esports trend – but now they’re catching up. What does this mean for the esports landscape? And what do sports games have to change, to develop into succesful esports titles? And in how far are they a chance for non-endemic companies to dive into esports?

We discussed this during The Esports Observer Business Panel. In cooperation with The Esports Observer we hosted a panel discussion before the big opening of our main event and welcomed great guests (from left to right):

Dorian Gorr (host of the panel, esports expert at VERITAS Entertainment)

Tobias Seck (Esports expert for The Esports Observer)

Dennis Nirtl (CEO of STARK eSports and responsible for bringing traditional football clubs such as VfL Wolfsburg into esports)

Paschy90 & Freakii (Rocket League Pro-Players for Mockit Esports)

More impressions from this Night to Remember

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