Pushing College Esports to the next Level!

Veritas College Cup


Win cash and non-cash prizes in monthly online tournaments

Compete against teams from other colleges and represent your city

Earn points and qualify for a Rocket League LAN event in Berlin

Last year, VERITAS Entertainment hosted the largest college esports event Germany has ever seen, the VERITAS College Cup in Berlin. Now we want to nurture the college esports scene in Germany even further by creating an online tournament series: the VERITAS College Cup Series – and you can be a part of it!

We will host monthly online tournaments in which 8 teams (varying each month) duel each other in Rocket League, each representing a German college. Teams can win a monthly prize pool as well as non-cash prizes in collaboration with selected partners. The tournaments will be broadcasted at VERITAS’ Twitch channel – it’s a great opportunity to show off your skill in front of the esports community. 

Additionally to the prizes, each team gets VCC points for their performance in the monthly tournaments. After 12 online tournaments the best teams will be invited to represent their university at a Rocket League LAN event in Berlin (details will be announced later).

VCCS#2 - Aquadome

Date: September 26th, 6pm CET

Prize pool: 500€

1st place: 300€
2nd place: 150€
3rd place: 50€

Point System:
1st place: 10 VCC points
2nd place: 7 VCC points
3rd place: 5 VCC points
4th place: 3 VCC points
5-8th place: 1 VCC point each

– 8 Teams, 2v2, Best-of-3 / Best-of-5
– Double Elimination
– All matches are played on Aquadome
– Top 4 are automatically qualified for VCCS#3 – Beckwith Park on October 30th.
– Earning 35 VCC points throughout the series qualifies you for the VCC LAN 2019 in Berlin


More teams announced soon, applications are open (form below).

Stream: The VERITAS COLLEGE CUP SERIES will be broadcasted live over at twitch.tv/VeritasEsportsTV

Apply now and play for cool prizes!

We have a limited number of spots available. Each tournament will be played by 8 teams. In order for your team to be considered as one of the candidates for a spot, you need to meet all of the the following requirements:

Both players must be students at a German college (Universität, Fachhochschule o.ä.)

Both players must play on PC

Both players must be available to play on August 29th, starting at 6pm CET

You match all those requirements? Then we can’t wait to hear from you!
Here’s the application form (feel free to fill it out in German). Deadline for the application is August 16th 6pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do both players have to be from the same college or same city?

No. The only thing that’s mandatory is that both players are students at a German college. 

Can teams also represent schools?

The VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series is focussed on universities, not schools. However, we might put up something similar in the future for schools. So feel free to apply and we will keep you updated if we can share more plans for a school tournament series.

I missed the deadline or can’t play in the first College Cup. Is there a way to still get in?

We host one online tournament every month. If you missed a deadline or weren’t able to participate in one online tournament for whatever reason, there’s always the possibility to sign up for the next one.

If we sign up, do we have to play in all 12 College Cups?

No. The teams that play the College Cup will vary each month. The top 4 of every month auto-qualify for the next one. The bottom 4 will rotate out so that other teams get a chance to earn a spot and play for the prize pool. If a qualified team doesn’t want to participate then this spot also becomes available to new teams.

You have more questions? Join us on Discord!

Past Events

VCCS#1 - DFH Stadium

Date: August 29th, 6pm CET


1. Berlin Phoenix (300€, 10 VCC Points)
2. Darmstadt Dragons (150€, 7 VCC Points)
3. Aachen Strikers (50€, 5 VCC Points)
4. Salzgitter Warriors (3 VCC Points)
5.-6. Engines Stuttgart (1 VCC Point)
5.-6. Hamburg Hotrods (1 VCC Point)
7.-8. Bingen Impulse Zero (1 VCC Point)
7.-8. Kalrsruhe KITtens (1 VCC Point)