All Gamers Welcome

Our base is a home for all esports enthusiasts. The location in Berlin welcomes fans and players to get together in the coolest venue the esports world has ever seen. We are hosting events regularly and combine esports with arts, music and digital lifestyle. Stepping over our doorstep means entering a new world. All gamers are welcome!

(Location not open for public eyes yet.)

Esports Events

We are hosting esports events on a regular basis. Our Base offers seats to watch the live action unfold right before your eyes. We're inviting top teams, but also host local community tournaments. We also offer the perfect place for public viewing of major esports events.

A Place to Play

Our Base offers endless opportunities to play online or with other guests. We have many gaming stations, consoles, gaming PCs, Arcade machines - our guests can use all that for free and enjoy their time among fellow gamers.

Food & Beverage

Our Base is the best place to socialize and meet people who are passionate about gaming. We have a bar with a wide selection of food and beverages. The perfect place for esports fans and gamer to hangout on the weekend or after work.

Home of the Pros

Some of the best professional gamers in the world as well as famous YouTube personalities are regular guests in our location. Teams can set up their bootcamp right in the Esports Base and fans always have the opportunity to meet the stars.

Arts & Music

VERITAS Entertainment combines esports with modern pop culture and treats professional gaming as an essential part of the digital lifestyle. Aside from esports our Base features arts and music. We invite bands and DJs for special performances and use our location as an exhibition space for great artists from all around the world.

Promotion & Merchandise

We are the perfect place to get cool new merchandise. Esports jersey and basecaps, nerdy decorations and geek gadgets. We also provide the perfect place for publishers to promote their latest products such as games or hardware.

Berlin, Germany