Esports is the future. And we build that future.

VERITAS Entertainment is a new esports brand from Berlin with investors from different industries. We are home to the brightest minds of esports, sports marketing, event production and content. Our mission is to guide esports to where it belongs: straight to the top of the sports and entertainment industry. Join us on our journey!

What we offer

Is your brand looking for an esports strategy?

The esports market is rapidly expanding, and it offers unique opportunities for brands to engage with the most attractive target group. However, what is the right decision for your brand?

We know the esports scene by heart and make sure to develop a strategy that fits your brand perfectly. The people behind VERITAS Entertainment have years of experience consulting brands.

Contact us now for a non-committal meeting in which we show you the different opportunities the esports market can offer you.

Learn more about our Agency business.

Does your company need a deeper understanding of esports?

With esports being a hyped industry it becomes mandatory to get a basic understanding of the esports world and why esports has such a tremendous success.

But the esports universe is complex and overwhelming for newcomers. That is why we offer workshops for companies to learn more about esports.

We have a hands-on approach and a wide variety of different workshops. From the esports crash course to deep dives into certain aspects of competitive gaming.

Learn more about our workshop portfolio.

Are you in demand of unique esports content?

Esports needs storytelling! There’s a lack of quality content in esports and we’re on a mission to change that.

We work with some of the best esports journalists, influencers and content creators in the world and offer a variety of content.

Whether you are a media network that needs esports news and interviews, a brand that wants to create authentic native advertising in the esports sphere or an established esports organization that needs the best esports stories surrounding your players – we got you covered!

Learn more about our Mediahouse.

Do you want to work in the esports industry?

VERITAS Entertainment is working on multiple projects and always on the lookout for talented people that want to work in the esports industry.

There are currently a number of open positions. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Learn more about our open positions.

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February 26, 2018 / Media & Content

Rocketeers’ first month was a great success

One month ago our first content page launched. Today we want to share with you some insights about the first month of, the magazine all about Rocket League esports.
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January 24, 2018 / Media & Content

Rocket League Esports Magazine by VERITAS Entertainment has launched

We are happy to announce the succesful launch of our first esports magazine: The Rocket League online platform
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January 23, 2018 / Team Veritas

Our “Rocketeers” Magazine sponsors Rocket League Team at Dreamhack Leipzig

Yesterday we were happy to announce the launch of the first esports magazine by VERITAS Entertainment,, your best online spot for all things Rocket League Esports. To promote our magazine in an unique way we have decided to send an official Rocket League team sponsored by to the upcoming major tournament at Dreamhack Leipzig.
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Rocket League magazine Rocketeers
January 22, 2018 / Media & Content

VERITAS Entertainment will launch Rocket League Esports Magazine

Today we're happy to announce the next project of VERITAS Entertainment, our first esports magazine.
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