September 4, 2019 / Events

Starladder Berlin is a fantastic opportunity to meet the Veritas team

You can meet the Veritas crew at the Starladder major in Berlin.
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August 14, 2019 / News

Visit VERITAS at Gamescom

Veritas is heading to Gamescom and you can set up a meeting with us.
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July 2, 2019 / Events

Veritas is going to ESL One Cologne

The most prestigious CS:GO event kicks off in Cologne once more. And Veritas is of course going to meet the rest of the community.
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June 18, 2019 / Events

VERITAS joins Twitch star Pokimane on stage in Cannes

VERITAS’ founder discussed the chances gaming offers for brands with Twitch’s superstar.
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April 26, 2019 / News

VERITAS Entertainment is now a part of media:net

VERITAS Entertainment is now a part of media:net, one of the largest regional networks for the media, creative and digital industry.
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April 8, 2019 / Staff News

Enrique Verdejo joins VERITAS as Technical Manager

With Enrique Verdejo we welcome an IT expert to our team.
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April 4, 2019 / Events

VERITAS is going to Hive and to the German Esports Summit

We’re attending the two esports conferences in Berlin next week.
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March 15, 2019 / Staff News

We welcome Tarek Hohberg as our Business Development Manager

Tarek Hohberg joins the VERITAS team as our Business Development manager.
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February 22, 2019 / Events

VERITAS is going to Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice

We will travel to Katowice next week to visit one of the best esports events in the world – and to talk to selected brands about our upcoming project.
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February 5, 2019 / Events

VERITAS Entertainment goes to Dreamhack Leipzig

VERITAS is going to Dreamhack Leipzig. We present our next big project to a few selected brands. You can schedule a meeting with us now.
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January 31, 2019 / Veritas College Cup

Aachen Strikers win the College Cup Series #6

The Aachen Strikers are the latest champions of the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series.
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January 14, 2019 / Veritas College Cup

VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series #6 will start on January 30th

VCCS#6 is on its way and will be broadcasted live on January 30th.
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December 21, 2018 / Staff News

VERITAS wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We take a look back on 2018 and wish all of you merry christmas and a happy new year.
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Wuppertal Wolves logo
December 20, 2018 / Veritas College Cup

Wuppertal Wolves win VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series #5

The last VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series tournament of 2018 is in the books. Next year, the college esports format will expand into the rest of Europe.
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December 18, 2018 / Rocketeers Thunderdome

The Rocketeers Thunderdome Aftermovie takes you behind the scenes

Our European Rocket League tournament was one of the highlights of the year. You can now watch our official aftermovie to take a look behind the scenes.
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December 12, 2018 / Veritas College Cup

Our College Cup Series enters The Rocket Dailies

Plays from the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series get more and more attention from the community.
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November 23, 2018 / Rocketeers Thunderdome

Hundreds of fans celebrate VERITAS’ Rocketeers Thunderdome Grand Final in Berlin

Yesterday, the Rocketeers Thunderdome, an international Rocket League tournament organized by VERITAS and sponsored by game publisher Psyonix, came to…
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November 12, 2018 / Rocketeers Thunderdome

Park Plaza Wallstreet sponsors our Rocket League esports tournament

Our talents, experts and professional esports players will enjoy the hospitality of Park Plaza Wallstreet in Berlin Mitte.
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Audi City Berlin
November 5, 2018 / Rocketeers Thunderdome

Audi City Berlin become partner of VERITAS for Thunderdome Tournament

We’re incredibly excited to announce the second sponsor of the Rocketeers Thunderdome: Audi City Berlin, the next level showroom by…
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November 1, 2018 / Rocketeers Thunderdome

Rocketeers Thunderdome went live – and more than 10000 people watched!

The Rocketeers Thunderdome, our official Renegade Cup Monthly Tournament, went live yesterday and exceeded all expectations: The opening night was…
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Wuppertal Wolves logo
October 30, 2018 / Veritas College Cup

More than 15 universities already a part of VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series

VERITAS Entertainment is eager to push college esports – first in Germany, then the rest of the world. Our VERITAS…
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Runtime Logo
October 29, 2018 / Rocketeers Thunderdome signs deal with VERITAS for Thunderdome

We’re happy to announce the first sponsor of the Rocketeers Thunderdome:, the esports nutrition company, will be our partner…
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October 17, 2018 / Rocketeers Thunderdome

VERITAS Entertainment organizes Rocket League esports event for Psyonix

We’re proud to announce that VERITAS Entertainment has been chosen by Rocket League Publisher Psyonix to organize one of four Renegade Cup Monthly Tournaments.
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August 31, 2018 / Veritas College Cup

Berlin Phoenix won first edition of the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series

First College Cup Series has concluded. The tournament continues at the end of September.
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August 27, 2018 / Veritas College Cup

Announcing the 8 teams for VCCS #1

The VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series is a monthly online tournament in which 8 esports teams from German universities compete against each other.
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August 7, 2018 / Staff News

VERITAS Entertainment hires Julián Roncal as Operations Manager

VERITAS Entertainment is proud to announce the latest addition to its team. Julián Roncal is the new Operations Manager for…
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Veritas College Cup
August 2, 2018 / Veritas College Cup

Announcing the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series, teams can now apply to play and win cool prizes

Last year, VERITAS Entertainment hosted the largest college esports event Germany has ever seen, the VERITAS College Cup in Berlin….
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May 3, 2018 / Media & Content starts crowdfunding campaign via Patreon

We launched our Patreon page for today. Reader can show their support and earn unique rewards.
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February 26, 2018 / Media & Content

Rocketeers’ first month was a great success

One month ago our first content page launched. Today we want to share with you some insights about the first month of, the magazine all about Rocket League esports.
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January 24, 2018 / Media & Content

Rocket League Esports Magazine by VERITAS Entertainment has launched

We are happy to announce the succesful launch of our first esports magazine: The Rocket League online platform
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January 23, 2018 / Team Veritas

Our “Rocketeers” Magazine sponsors Rocket League Team at Dreamhack Leipzig

Yesterday we were happy to announce the launch of the first esports magazine by VERITAS Entertainment,, your best online spot for all things Rocket League Esports. To promote our magazine in an unique way we have decided to send an official Rocket League team sponsored by to the upcoming major tournament at Dreamhack Leipzig.
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Rocket League magazine Rocketeers
January 22, 2018 / Media & Content

VERITAS Entertainment will launch Rocket League Esports Magazine

Today we’re happy to announce the next project of VERITAS Entertainment, our first esports magazine.
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January 15, 2018 / Team Veritas

Team VERITAS surprises everyone at Dreamhack Qualifier

Team VERITAS surprised everyone at yesterday’s Dreamhack Qualifier in their first appearance ever. Our team came in as the underdog, but managed to become the 3rd best team of the event.
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January 8, 2018 / Team Veritas

Announcing the first VERITAS Esports Team

We have been working hard for the past few weeks and today we can make a great announcement and introduce you to the first VERITAS esports team.
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November 21, 2017

The first VERITAS COLLEGE CUP was a huge success

This past weekend saw the birth of the new esports brand from Berlin: VERITAS Entertainment hosted the biggest Rocket League…
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November 10, 2017

The Esports Observer and VERITAS team up for a Business Panel

Next week will mark the beginning of a new esports chapter for Berlin. VERITAS will host the biggest Rocket League…
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November 9, 2017

We welcome the Partners for our First Event

Things are moving along quite fast. Only one week left until the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP, the first esports event of…
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November 2, 2017

Six teams are already qualified for VERITAS COLLEGE CUP

On November 18th we will see 8 top esports teams from Germany battle each other in Rocket League in front…
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October 26, 2017

VERITAS COLLEGE CUP: Online-Qualifier announced

Wow! We had so many team applications for our first Rocket League event that we’re still overwhelmed. In order to…
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October 12, 2017

VERITAS College Cup #1 announced

Every day new esports hero are born! We are looking for the next pro players and are happy to announce…
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September 20, 2017

VERITAS Entertainment is now online

Welcome to VERITAS Entertainment. The new esports brand from Berlin is now online. Feel free to check out our portfolio…
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