We’re proud to announce that VERITAS Entertainment has been chosen by Rocket League Publisher Psyonix to organize one of four Renegade Cup Monthly Tournaments. The Renegade Cup is a community-focused esports event in Rocket League which is officially sponsored and promoted by Psyonix. Teams can play in up to four tournaments to secure prize money and points to qualify for a bigger tournament early next year.

VERITAS’ application was met with enthusiasm by Psyonix who consequently chose us as the organizer of the Renegade Cup Monthly Tournament in November. The name for our tournament: Rocketeers Thunderdome.

The Rocketeers Thunderdome will kick off on October 31st and end on November 22nd. More than 200 teams from all across Europe will compete against each other for a $5000 prize pool sponsored by Psyonix. In total, the tournament will have 8 tournaments dates (every Wednesday and Thurday) with live streams being produced from the VERITAS studio in Berlin and in collaboration with casters from the community.

Follow the VERITAS Twitch channel to watch the live show: https://www.twitch.tv/veritasesportstv