Next week will mark the beginning of a new esports chapter for Berlin. VERITAS will host the biggest Rocket League event Germany has ever seen. But apart from the huge spectacel we also want to take a look into esports and provide our business contacts with insights. The esports industry is booming and you can’t afford not to keep track of this rapid movement. That is where our Business Panel comes into play. We team up with The Esports Observer to bring you a panel where the future of esports is discussed. Get in touch if you want to attend this panel.

And this is what the panel will be all about:

Where is esports headed? And what kind of future have traditional sports games, such as FIFA, NBA or Madden, in the esports market? None of the current top tier esports games is a traditional sports game. For a long time it seemed that the publishers of sports games ignore the esports trend – but now they’re catching up. What does this mean for the esports landscape? What do sports games have to change, to develop into succesful esports titles? And in how far are they a chance for non-endemic companies to dive into esports?

We want to discuss this during The Esports Observer Business Panel before the big opening of the main event.

Topic: What kind of future do sports games have in the esports industry?


Dorian Gorr (host of the panel, esports expert at VERITAS Entertainment)

Dennis Nirtl (CEO of STARK eSports and responsible for bringing traditional football clubs such as VfL Wolfsburg into esports)

Tobias Seck (Esports expert for The Esports Observer)

Paschy90 (Rocket League Pro-Player for Mock-it Esports)