Team VERITAS surprised everyone at yesterday’s Dreamhack Qualifier in their first appearance ever. Our team came in as the underdog, but managed to become the 3rd best team of the event. During their impressive run they defeated the two RLCS teams Excel eSports (3:2) and Team Secret (3:1) as well as the RLRS team Fnatic (3:0), probably the most recognized esports brand in the world.

It was only in the Lower Bracket final against the RLCS team Guess Who that our boys Tigreee, Alex161 and substitute player Neqzo were defeated after three overtimes, of which one was 7 minutes long.

Even in defeat Team VERITAS was the surprise team of the evening and we can’t wait to see them at Dreamhack Leipzig on January 26th.

Here are some reactions to the impressive performance of our team:

Veritas coming out HUGE today. Bummed they couldn’t get past GW, but they’ve had a hell of a run. Really looking forward to DH. #dreamhack #rocketleague

— ThePaSch (@ItsThePaSch) 14. Januar 2018

@VERITASesports1 A very nice team that genuinly surprised everyone and will continue to do so! Wish you the best for DH !

— Chloe (@Chloe_Neuville) 14. Januar 2018

Damn Veritas looking good, hope to see them at DH Leipzig

— Caleb Simmons (@WavePunkRL) 14. Januar 2018

Veritas is on quite a run in the Dreamhack qualifier lower bracket.

Beating exceL, sweeping Fnatic, then beating Secret to go to the Loser final to play against the former Mock-it squad Guess Who?


— Joey Ahrens (@JorbyPls) 14. Januar 2018

Discussions were also going wild on the Rocket League Esports subreddit over at Here are some of our favourite reactions to the superb performance of Team VERITAS:

If you want to rewatch the stream of yesterday’s qualifier, you can watch the whole broadcast here.