Our first media outlet, the Rocket League esports magazine Rocketeers.gg, was launched 3 months ago. In those 3 months we’ve published more than 100 articles and videos and received a lot of fantastic feedback from the community. From the very start people suggested that we set up a way for readers to show their appreciation for the unique content Rocketeers offers.

Today we’ve done just that. We launched a Patreon page which gives Rocket League fans the opportunity to support the work of the authors behind Rocketeers. Fans can choose how much they want to spend each month and earn different rewards for it, such as a special mention on the front page or a Rocket League match against an author. Further down the road we will also start to  add even more unique content such as a live interviews with pro players or tournaments for our community.

For now we’re excited to give our readers the opportunity to show their appreciation for all the hard work that’s been put into building the #1 Rocket League esports magazine. Esports is all about the community, and we’re proud to be a part of said community.

Click here if you’re interested in finding out more about our Patreon page and the different rewards.