One month ago we launched our first esports content page, the magazine all about Rocket League esports. 30 days later we are proud to say that Rocketeers’ first month has been a very successful one.

Would love to see mike back in the pro scene, one of my idols back in 2015/2016, hope he can come back to achieve great things.❤️

— Dan Bluett (@BlueyRL) 24. Februar 2018

The most important thing: The feedback, from fans, players, community veterans and Rocket League officials, has been nothing but positive. Every article is embraced by the community. We’re grateful for all the positivity, because it shows us that is on the right track. Here are some nice comments readers left us over at Reddit.

In conclusion it’s safe to say that Rocketeers’ first month was an amazing experience, but of course the Rocketeers journey has just begun. We have many ideas for the future and of course for more esports magazines. There are already plenty of things in development. We will keep you updated as soon as we can announce something.