We’re happy to announce that our officially from game publisher Psyonix sponsored Rocket League tournament, the Rocketeers Thunderdome, has acquired Park Plaza Wall Street as sponsor for the Grand Final of the esports tournament in Berlin.

The prestigious hotel in Berlin Mitte will accomodate our casters, experts and professional players during their stay in Berlin and we can’t wait to let these guys enjoy Park Plaza’s amazing hospitality.

The Grand Final of the Rocketeers Thunderdome will take place on November 21st in our own studio and on November 22nd with a studio production in front of a live audience in the Audi City Berlin (located on Berlin’s famous shopping mile Kurfürstendamm). The exclusive event is already completely booked out. If you want to follow the action, but weren’t able to secure your spot for this night, feel free to join us online over at twitch.tv/VeritasEsportsTV.