Wuppertal Wolves logo

VERITAS Entertainment is eager to push college esports – first in Germany, then the rest of the world. Our VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series just finished its third event and continues to be a great success: There are already more than 15 German universities involved in the tournament series with more than 50 semi-professional college esports players competing against each other on a monthly basis.

The latest addition to the roster of teams are the Wuppertal Wolves who represent the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, and are led by Vel, a former Rocket League pro player for Team Expert. Their entrance into the series was quite successful: they finished on 3rd place and will remain a constant threat to other teams going forward. Winners of the VCCS#3 were again (for the third time in a row) Berlin Phoenix with the two star players Gnagflow and Ghostfire.

The VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series will continue on November 26th with its 4th event.