Yesterday, the Rocketeers Thunderdome, an international Rocket League tournament organized by VERITAS and sponsored by game publisher Psyonix, came to an end. For the Grand Final we had almost 200 people in the Audi City Berlin watching live and taking a look behind the scenes of our professional studio production.

Among the guests were many people from the German gaming and esports industry such as members of GAME, the president of the ESBD as well as managers from professional esports organization G2 and journalists from Germany’s media powerhouse Axel Springer. They witnessed how more than 100 Rocket League fans celebrated the final four matches of our esports tournament inside our studio. Additionally, thousands of people from all over the worldΒ were watching the broadcast on our Twitch channel as Team Secret won the tournament.

Here are some impressions from this night to remember:

This might be the coolest car ever. @ItsThePaSch is taking this beauty for a ride across town. #RenegadeCup #RLThunderdome #AudiCityBerlin

β€” (@rocketeersRL) 22. November 2018

Everybody is havin’ a thunderdome-y time. #RenegadeCup #RLThunderdome @Snaski10

β€” (@rocketeersRL) 22. November 2018

#AudiCityBerlin is the perfect location for the final day of the #RLThunderdome.πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

β€” (@rocketeersRL) 22. November 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Grand Final running at #RLThunderdome!

β€” (@rocketeersRL) 22. November 2018

What an intense match! The crowd goes crazy and cheers for the guys of @teamsecret ✌🏻

β€” (@rocketeersRL) 22. November 2018

That was the ROCKETEERS THUNDERDOME! Thank you all! #RenegadeCup #RLThunderdome

β€” (@rocketeersRL) 22. November 2018

I caught the VOD a little late but just wanted to say awesome job on the production @rocketeersRL πŸ˜„πŸ‘

Seeing the amount of passion and effort going into your Renegade Cup helps motivate me to become a better producer β™₯️

β€” Aaron | TractorManager (@ManagesTractors) 23. November 2018

So cool that you guys were able to have a live audience.

β€” MexicanDiabetes (@MexicanDiabetes) 23. November 2018

Have to give credit to the team behind @VERITASesports1 and #RLThunderdome. The dedication, enthusiasm and resources spent for the event and RL scene is very much appreciated. Well done πŸ‘

β€” fruity (@fruityl0l) 23. November 2018

Can we please let @VERITASesports1 run the EU League Play from now on? Look how much passion they bring. This is how you gain a strong bonded community that loves what they’re involved in. I don’t care about the audio as I wanna hear fans 24/7! This is Rocket League LALALALALAAAA

β€” Roken (@RokenRL) 23. November 2018

The best ending to a @RLEsports broadcast ever @SubParButInHD

β€” Sean Stackhouse (@StaxRL) 22. November 2018

The Rocketeers Thunderdome was part of the Renegade Cup, which is a grassroots esports tournament brought to life by Rocket League publisher Psyonix who provided the prize pool and a subsidy for the production. In addition, VERITAS acquired three outside sponsors: the nutrition company, Park Plaza Wall Street and the Audi City Berlin.

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