Last year, VERITAS Entertainment hosted the largest college esports event Germany has ever seen, the VERITAS College Cup in Berlin. Now we want to nurture the college esports scene in Germany even further by creating an online tournament series: the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series!

We will host monthly online tournaments in which 8 teams (varying each month) duel each other in Rocket League, each representing a German college. Teams can win a monthly prize pool as well as non-cash prizes in collaboration with selected partners. The tournaments will be broadcasted at VERITAS’ Twitch channel.

Additionally to the prizes, each team gets VCC points for their performance in the monthly tournaments. After 12 online tournaments the best teams will be invited to represent their university at a Rocket League LAN event in Berlin (details will be announced later).

Click here for more information on the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series.