Experience Esports

VERITAS Entertainment is proud to let you experience the best esports entertainment there is. Our event portfolio covers large festivals as well as small community cups or events specifically tailored for the need of brands who want to engage with the esports audience.

Professional Gamers

We host events with some of the best esports stars in the world. Our network includes all major esports brands and gaming publishers. Together we bring our audience the best esports experience.

Community Events

VERITAS Entertainment is build from the ground up together with the gaming community. We give amateur esports athletes the chance to play on the big stage and pursue their dreams.

Arts & Music

We combine esports with pop culture, arts and music. If you come to an event hosted by VERITAS Entertainment you will be entertained by stunning music and art performances


Based on the success of our VERITAS College Cup #1 (see below) we establish a monthly online tournament for teams that represent German universities: the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP Series. Each month 8 teams from different parts of Germany duel each other in Rocket League to win prizes for their performance.

The first online tournament starts on August 29th and has a 500€ prize pool. Applications for teams are now open. Click here or on the header for more infos and the application form.

VERITAS College Cup #1

On November 18th 2017 we hosted Germany’s largest Esports College Cup to date. The VERITAS College Cup saw teams from 8 different colleges compete against each other in Psyonix’ car-soccer video game “Rocket League”. With a $5000 prize pool it was the biggest Rocket League esports event up until that point. More than 500 people watched the spectacle unfold in the prestigious Station Berlin.

For this event we worked together with partners such as Coca-Cola, Snipes, Flixbus, Sport1, Jam FM and The Esports Observer.

Click here or on the header image to see videos and photos capturing the magic of this special night in Berlin and to hear what the press and our audience say about our event.