New Rocket League Heroes are born!

VERITAS College Cup #1

18. November 2017, Station Berlin

New Stars

8 college teams from Germany, that want to take their chance and step onto the big stage of esports and prove themselves in front of a live audience. For many this will be the first time in the spotlight. Expect a night of great victories, bitter losses and lots of emotions as new esport heroes are born. Team registration is open now. Do you have what it takes to make it as an esports athlete?

A Night to Remember

VERITAS Entertainment combines esports with arts & music. Our first event features not only great esports action, but also a great show program including live graffiti performance, cosplayer, DJ and light show, an aftershow party and of course an opportunity to meet with the German esports scene as well as with famous pro players.

Huge Prize Pool

The VERITAS College Cup features a combined prize pool of more than 4000€. Our tournament offers the biggest prize pool for a Rocket League event in Germany so far. For the young esports athletes it is an one of a kind opportunity to not only play in front of an audience and take home the money, but also to make their dreams come true.

Germany's biggest Rocket League event

★ Combined prize pool of more than 4000€

★ The battle between 8 teams from German universities. Teams can apply now!

★ Location: Station Berlin. One of the best venues in the heart of the German capital, easy access via train

★ Live Broadcast via Twitch and mainstream media partners

★ Meet & Greet with pro players, streamers and YouTube stars

★ Chance for all visitors to win a top prize: a weekend in Sweden where you learn to drift in a winter landscape

★ Gaming Stations, Entertainment Area, Food Court

★ Live Graffiti Performance

★ Aftershow Party

Special Guests

FisHC0p, Streamer und YouTuber


One of the most authentic streamers from Germany will be present and cast a lot of matches. Fans will have the chance to meet and greet FisHC0p and some lucky fan will even play a show match against him.

Paschy90, Mock-it Esports RLCS pro


Paschy90 is one of only two Germans that play Rocket League professionally in the RLCS. He is considered by many experts to be one of the best Rocket League players in the world. Now he's excited to see what the German college esports scene has to offer.

Mori09, Esports Caster


Mori09 is famous for casting many esports events in Germany. He's the regular host of the League of Legends broadcast program "Summoner's Inn" and will be one of the voices to cast the first VERITAS College Cup.



Freakii is the second German RLCS player. As well as Paschy90 he's signed to Mock-it Esports. The pro-players will offer their in-depth knowledge, analyse the plays and also will hang around to meet all Rocket League fans.

Wolverous, Caster und Esports streamer


He loves Hearthstone, Rocket League and especially his community on Twitch. His almost 100k YouTube subscribers follow Wolverous and will be happy to hear, that he will cast matches, play a show match with a lucky fan and meet and greet his followers.



One of the veterans of the Rocket League pro scene, Killerno7 currently plays in the RLRS. He's a streaming powerhouse, an enthusiastic YouTube content creator and one of the best players of the RL scene.

The Esports Observer Business Panel

Where is esports headed? And what kind of future have traditional sports games, such as FIFA, NBA or Madden, in the esports market? None of the current top tier esports games is a traditional sports game. For a long time it seemed that the publishers of sports games ignore the esports trend - but now they're catching up. What does this mean for the esports landscape? And what do sports games have to change, to develop into succesful esports titles? And in how far are they a chance for non-endemic companies to dive into esports?

We want to discuss this during The Esports Observer Business Panel. In cooperation with The Esports Observer we are hosting a panel discussion before the big opening of our main event. 

Topic: What kind of future do sports games have in the esports industry?


Dorian Gorr (host of the panel, esports expert at VERITAS Entertainment)

Dennis Nirtl (CEO of STARK eSports and responsible for bringing traditional football clubs such as VfL Wolfsburg into esports)

Tobias Seck (Esports expert for The Esports Observer)

Paschy90 (Rocket League Pro-Player for Mockit Esports)

Start: 15.30h

If you want to attend the business panel, feel free to message: dorian.gorr(a)


When does the event start?

The date of the event is November 18th. The VERITAS College Cup will start at 4pm, doors open at 3.30pm. The Grand Final will be around 9.30pm. Curfew is at midnight.

What is the format of the event?

We play Rocket League in the format 2 vs. 2, Best-of 5 and single elimination. 

Will the game be played on PC, PS4 or XBox One?

Our players will play on PCs and be able to connect their own controllers to the system. For all fans we will set up a number of PS4 gaming stations on which you can play Rocket League.

How were the teams selected?

Due to the number of application we hosted an online-qualifier to find the best teams that are now invited to Berlin. Two more teams were invited via a Wildcard.

How is the prize pool split up?

The overall prize pool has the amount of more than 4000 €, but will be divided amongst all participating teams. 
1st: 2000 €
2nd: 1000 €
3rd: 500 €
4th: 250 €
5th-8th: 100 € each

How do I get to the event?

The Station is located in the heart of Berlin and in walking distance to the train station Gleisdreieck (U1, U2). From the Berlin main station it's just 15 minutes.

Is cosplaying allowed at the VERITAS COLLEGE CUP?

Not only allowed, but encouraged! All cosplayers can fill out our accreditation form and will possibly be granted free access to this event. Find the form below.

I am a journalist / blogger / YouTuber / content creator. Can I fill out an accreditation?

Absolutely! We're happy to welcome all sorts of content creators to our event. Please fill out the accreditation form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

How much does the entrance to the event cost and where can I pre-order a ticket?

Regular ticket price is 13,37 €, but we also offer reduced tickets for students and children as well as group and early-bird tickets. You can preorder tickets via Eventbrite. Click here for all infos about our different tickets.

Press / VIP / Cosplay Accreditation


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