Creating Esports Content

At VERITAS Entertainment we’re delivering unique next-level esports content and work with some of the best content producers and esports journalists. Feel free to check out our content pages for different esports games.

Rocketeers - your best source for Rocket League Esports (under construction)

Content Network

VERITAS Entertainment offers unique esports articles, guides and interviews. We are building a content network with vertical platforms for an increasing number of esports games - highly specialized and created by the best.

Live Streaming

We love to broadcast live from our events or our Base. Live streaming is our main tool to entertain our growing community of esports and gaming fans. We also help players and teams to offer their audience the best streaming experience possible.

Video Production

We work together with highly experienced video editors and camera crews to produce great esports video content. Tutorials, reports, interviews or documentaries from esports events or together with professional teams.