Esports is the future. And we build that future.

VERITAS Entertainment is a new esports brand from Berlin with investors from different industries. We are home to the brightest minds of esports, sports marketing, event production and content. Our mission is to guide esports to where it belongs: straight to the top of the sports and entertainment industry. Join us on our journey!

Latest News from VERITAS Entertainment

Rocket League Esports Magazine by VERITAS Entertainment has launched

January 24, 2018
We are happy to announce the succesful launch of our first esports magazine: The Rocket League online platform
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Our “Rocketeers” Magazine sponsors Rocket League Team at Dreamhack Leipzig

January 23, 2018
Yesterday we were happy to announce the launch of the first esports magazine by VERITAS Entertainment,, your best online spot for all things Rocket League Esports. To promote our magazine in an unique way we have decided to send an official Rocket League team sponsored by to the upcoming major tournament at Dreamhack Leipzig.
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VERITAS Entertainment will launch Rocket League Esports Magazine

January 22, 2018
Today we're happy to announce the next project of VERITAS Entertainment, our first esports magazine.
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Team VERITAS surprises everyone at Dreamhack Qualifier

January 15, 2018
Team VERITAS surprised everyone at yesterday's Dreamhack Qualifier in their first appearance ever. Our team came in as the underdog, but managed to become the 3rd best team of the event.
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